EYFDM has a clear structure sharing the responsibilities among the executive, supported by our many Liaisons and Special Interest Groups, with advice from the Policy Team.
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Every country whose national organisation is part of WONCA can nominate one Council representative.

Our current Executive
The Council national representatives
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President / President elect / Secretary / Treasurer / Policy / Exchange / Events / Awards & Fundraising / Image / WONCA Europe Liaison

President – Nick Mamo (Malta)


Nick loves to travel, immerse himself in different cultures, as well as spend time with family and friends. Passionate about social medicine, he believes that this is the best way to see big improvements in health outcomes. He is currently a PhD candidate in the Netherlands.

President elect – Stuart Holmes (United Kingdom)


Stuart is a family doctor in Manchester and evangelical about EYFDM conference exchanges! 
WONCA Member Organisation: Royal College of General Practitioners.
National Young Doctors Movements: Junior International Committee of the Royal College of General Practitioners (JIC RCGP)

Secretary – Kerry Greenan (United Kingdom)


Finished GP training in 2021, based in London but takes every opportunity to travel and see the world. Passionate about healthcare for all.
WONCA Member Organisation: Royal College of General Practitioners

Treasurer – Nadia Toumi (The Netherlands)


Loves cooking and baking for family and friends, to spend time in nature, discover new places, meet people from other cultures – both inside and outside the consultation room.

Policy Officer – Ana Cristina Franco Spínola (Portugal)


Family Medicine trainee in Portugal (Madeira Island). Interested in creating sustainable changes in the lives of our communities. 
An active wellbeing promoter, appreciator of the pure and simple pleasures in life.

Exchange Officer – Rocio Garcia-Gutierrez Gomez (Spain)



Events Officer – İkbal Hümay Arman (Turkey)


Turkish Family Medicine Specialist who wants to research and strengthen people about health literacy. Loves marbling art, traveling and also creating permanent memories with photos, videos and dronies.

Awards & Fundrasing Officer – Marta Kurdzielewicz (Poland)



Image Officer – Christian Rechtenwald (Germany)


Husband to Fee, Father to Benjamin, loves painting his own picture of modern family medicine & bond with fellow GP artists.

Liaison to Wonca Europe – Aaron Poppleton (UK)


NMO: Royal College of General Practitioners


Andorra / Armenia / Austria / Belarus / Belgium / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Bulgaria / Croatia / Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / Finland / France / Georgia / Germany / Greece / Hungary / Iceland / Ireland / Israel / Italy / Kazakhstan / Kosovo / Kyrgyzstan / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malta / The Netherlands / North Macedonia / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Russia / Serbia / Slovakia / Slovenia / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / Tajikistan / Turkey / Ukraine / United Kingdom


WONCA Member Organisation: Andorran Society of Primary Care Doctors.


Ara Arshamyan


Anna Hansemann


WONCA Member Organisation: Belarusian Association of General Practitioners.


Laure Clinckemalie

Laure works in a multidisciplinary practice in Antwerp. As a member of the Belgian national network for young family doctors, Jong Domus, she tries to inspire and empower young GPs to get involved in global organizations. Laure holds a postgraduate degree in tropical medicine and public health and combines working as a GP in Belgium with medical work abroad. She has working experience in Suriname, Mayotte and the Philippines and is always curious for an exciting project abroad. She has a special interest in care for vulnerable people and is passionate about health for all.

WONCA Member Organisation: Belgian Society for General Practitioners/Family Physicians (Domus Medica).
National Young Doctors Networks: Jong Domus; Société Scientifique des Jeunes médecins généralistes (SSMJ) of the Société Scientifique de Médecine Générale.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Marina Jotic Ivanovic

Marina finished her family medicine residency in 2017 and is currently studying for a master’s degree on nutrition. She is interested in health promotion and preventive activities, lifestyle medicine, and woman’s health and rights. Always a fighter, Marina loves to travel and her motto is “You have to be the change you want to see in the world” (Mahatma Gandhi)

WONCA Member Organisations: Association of Family Physicians of Republic of Srpska; The Association of Family Physicians of the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

National Young Doctors Network: Association of Family Physicians of Republic of Srpska; The Association of Family Physicians of the Federation of Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Mariya Armova


Jana Kovačević

GP since 2018, Jana is passionate about Family Medicine because it recognizes individual differences in patients. She also loves cats, books, movies, go shopping and traveling.

WONCA Member Organisation: Croatian Family Physicians Coordination (KoHOM) & The Croatian Association of Family Medicine.

National Young Doctors Network: Croatian Family Physicians Coordination (KoHOM) & The Croatian Association of Family Medicine.

Czech Republic

Marika Svatošová

I am a young GP who is passionate about communication skills and I teach them at a university. And at the moment, I am happily on a maternity leave with my beautiful daughter.


Mariam Gheshlaghi

Mariam is a medical doctor who is currently undergoing GP training in Denmark and studying a part time master’s degree in Public Health. She is passionate about humanitarian work and global health initiatives. She has worked with organizations such as the Danish Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders providing health care and building capacity in different geographic and sociopolitical contexts.


Veiko Lillipuu


Ida-Emilia Helanti

Having three kids, middle-aged parents and a post in elderly home care I feel privileged to have a viewpoint in all stages of life. That is also what inspires me in family medicine: being able to work with all kinds of people and all kinds of medical (and non-medical) issues in a comprehensive way. Professionally my special fields of interest are geriatrics and wound care. I love to knit and spend time out in the nature.

WONCA Member Organisation: Finnish Association for General Practice.
National Young Doctors Network: Finnish Association for General Practice.


Michalina Derbich and Daria Gheorghe

WONCA Member Organisation: Collège de la Médecine Générale.
National Young Doctors Network: Saint-Exupéry Network.


WONCA Member Organisation: Georgia Family Medicine Association.


Fabian Dupont

Fabian is a German GP-resident and head of education and research for Family Medicine at Saarland University, with a special interest in undergraduate competency based blended-learning.
He is very passionate about the combination of patient care and academic medicine.

WONCA Member Organisation: German Society of General Practice/Family Medicine


Vasileios Stoukas

Infected by VdGM virus in 2016 in Copenhagen. Young GP/FM with special interest in Migrant Health, Emergency Medicine as well as Point of Care Ultrasound.

Advocating for General Practice/Family Medicine in Greece.


Eta Balind

WONCA Member Organisation: Hungarian Research Association of Family Physicians – CSAKOSZ


Þóra Elísabet Kristjánsdóttir

WONCA Member Organisation: Icelandic College of Family Physicians.


Alina Zidaru

Alina is a final year General Practice trainee in Dublin. She has a Masters in Ethics and Healthcare Law and a special interest in providing care for residents in long term care facilities. She enjoys puzzles and traveling.


Limor Adler

WONCA Member Organisation: Israel Association of Family Physicians.
National Young Doctors Network: Israel Association of Family Physicians.


Riccardo Cavalieri

National Young Doctors Network: Movimento Giotto.


Yelena Khegay

Yelena is mom to 3 kids, loves reading and learning, and is passionate about making the world (or at least her country) a safe, just and healthy place for everyone – like they say, “leaving no one behind”.

WONCA Member Organisation: Kazakhstan Association of Family Physicians.

National Young Doctors Network: Silk Road.



WONCA Member Organisation: Association of Family Physicians of Kosovo (AFPK)


Turanova Nuraiym

Seeker of new opportunities and ideas. Would like to have 26 hours a day.


Zane Kreicberga

WONCA Member Organisation: Rural Family Doctors Association of Latvia


Viktorija Grazuliene

May seem a quiet person but in her mind there are always a lot of great ideas on how to change the world; she loves Family Medicine and sees it not just like a medical specialty, but as a way to change people and their lifestyles for a better life.

WONCA Member Organisation: College of General Practitioners of Lithuania.
National Young Doctors Network: College of General Practitioners of Lithuania.


Max Haag

Max is the YDM Treasurer 2018-date. He enjoys attending congresses, loves prevention, sports medicine and sports in general as well as watching movies in cinema; on top of that, Max is a passionate gamer and world discoverer.

WONCA Member Organisation: Luxemburgish Scientific Society for General Practice.
National Young Doctors Network: Luxemburgish Scientific Society for General Practice.


Esther Muscat

Gp trainee. 

Love food, walks and being with people I love. 

Believes medicine is one way that can make the world a better place and a way to keep us humble. 


Rogier Steins

I am a GP who works in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I got inspired to get involved internationally at different European WONCA’s and an exchange in Finland. I really enjoyed the conversations I had with GP’s from all over the world, discovering differences en similarities in family medicine. Furthermore, I really love to combine my passion for adventure (sports) and medicine. Last year I worked as a GP on Aruba where I learned how to kitesurf. Next year my plan is to go to the Antartic to work as a ship physician for a couple of weeks. 

WONCA Member Organisation: Dutch College of General Practitioners.

North Macedonia

Dragan Gjorgjievski

WONCA Member Organisation: Association of General Practitioners of North Macedonia


Renate Graue

Graduated med school in Bergen, Norway in 2018. Working as a general practitionor since March 2020. Especially interested in Dermatology, womens health and minor surgery. Outside work, I love being active both indoors and outdoors.


Joanna Alksnin

Joanna is a young doctor and Mom, who promised her son to show him the world.

WONCA Member Organisation: College of Family Physicians in Poland.
National Young Doctors Network: Mlodzi Lekarze Rodzinni (Young Family Doctors).


Vera Silva

Finished Family Medicine residency in 2019; she loves to connect with others.

WONCA Member Organisation: Portuguese Association of General Practice and Family Medicine (APMGF).

National Young Doctors Network: Departmento de Internos e Jovens Médicos de Família da APMGF (DIJM-APMGF).


Andreea Zoderu

Andreea is a family medicine trainee in 3rd year and loves to help people and travel the world.

WONCA Member Organisation: Romanian National Society of Family Medicine/General Practice.

National Young Doctors Network: Young Family Doctors’ Group of the Romanian National Society of Family Medicine/General Practice.



WONCA Member Organisation: All Russian Fund – Association of General Practitioners of Russian Federation.



WONCA Member Organisation: Serbian Medical Association/Section of General Practice.


Katarina Kováčová


Veronika Vezjak

WONCA Member Organisation: Slovenian Medical Association.

National Young Doctors Movement: Slovenian Medical Association.


Miriam Rey

Mother to Alissa, Miriam loves reading and traveling; she hopes to spread the VdGM virus to young and the not-so-young family doctors who have lost their focus and essence. 

WONCA Member Organisation: Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC).

National Young Doctors Network: Sección de jóvenes médicos de familia de la Sociedad Española de Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria (JMF semSYC).


Joana Gomes

WONCA Member Organisation: The Swedish Association of General Practice.

National Young Doctors Network: The Swedish Association of General Practice.


Réka Veress

WONCA Member Organisation: Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine (SGAIM).

National Young Doctors Network: Jungen Hausärztinnen und -ärzte Schweiz (JHaS) – Young Doctors Group in Switzerland.



WONCA Member Organisation: Public Organization National Association of Family Medicine Workers of Tajikistan.


Halil Volkan Tekayak

WONCA Member Organisation: Turkish Association of Family Physicians.

National Young Doctors Network: Turkish Association of Family Physicians.


Yana Maksymets

Yana is a PhD student, loves travelling and is mother to Solomia.

WONCA Member Organisation: Ukrainian Family Medicine Association.

National Young Doctors Network: Ukrainian Movement of Young General Practitioners (UMYGP).

United Kingdom

Joanna Dobbin

Joanna is a GP registrar in central London and an academic clinical fellow in primary care and population health at University College London. She is passionate about health as a human right, and campaigning for equitable access to healthcare for all. She is a member of Medact & Docs not Cops, and has worked with Doctors of the World, and Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in London. She is an amateur but enthusiastic singer and footballer in a women’s 5 a side team.

Guide for National Delegates