Next Forum – 9th EYFDM

What is the EYFDM Forum?

“The EYFDM Forum (until 2021 called VDGM Forum) is a european medical congress held by EYFDM and organised by one of its national member organisations. It is an independent congress and not related for example to the WONCA Europe Conference. The EYFDM Forum is (like the EYFDM Preconferences at the WONCA Europe Congress) THE meeting place for young and future family doctors (= general pracitioners) across europe. It is an event to share ideas, meet new people and learn for the job.” – The Austrian Host Organising Committee of the 8th EYFDM Forum 2024

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Event ticket prices overview:
Early Bird160 €
Regular200 €
Students100 €
Day pass90 €

Available tickets:

  • Early bird: 160 €
  • Full price: 200 €
  • Saturday Day-Pass: 90€
  • 50% off for undergraduate medical students
  • No-Access ticket: 40€

Ticket prices overview – EventPrice
Thursday evening get-together Luxembourgfor free
Breakfeast at Luxembourg on Friday10 €
Dinner Friday at Victors Residenz-Hotel50 €
Dinner Saturday at Völklinger Hütte59 €
Strasbourg city tour and wine tasting15 €
European Parliamentfor free

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