We honour and support excellent scientific and personal contributions to the young family doctor community, with four different awards.

Exchange Awards

Handed out for the two most interesting exchanges; one done in an urban GP practice and the other one spent in a rural area. By doing the exchange within Europe you can apply for Hippokrates or Carosino Prize, by visiting GP practice outside Europe you try your chances in the FM 360º Awards. It is a win-win: experiencing an extraordinary exchange and being awarded for doing so.

Being Young Staying Young Award

A person who is not a EYFDM member, but who made a remarkable impact on our organisation and who embodies the EYFDM spirit and values, regardless of age. For us, the BYSY Award winner is young forever.

Research Award

Given in a bid to reward the advanced projects that focus on improvements in primary care. The award aims to encourage young GPs to develop their research skills.

Fons Sips Award

Given biannually to appreciate our members for their unwavering commitment and contribution to EYFDM. This is an award by the members, for the members. The Fons Sips Award winner becomes EYFDM nominee for WONCA World Rising Star Award.


Junior Researcher Award and Exchange Award: calls open a few months before WONCA Europe Conference.

Fons Sips Award and Being Young Staying Young Award: nominated by the members of EYFDM. Ask yourself who would you like to nominate and wait for the call to be opened.


The amazing individuals that allow us to recognise scientific and personal contributions to Family Medicine