The Bridge Project

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The EYFDM Bridge Project is now in its 3rd year! The Bridge Project is an opportunity for young family  doctors from across the world to work together on a project of their choice.  

The aim of the Bridge Project is to connect young family doctors and  encourage communication and collaboration. 

The project gives you the opportunity to work on a research or quality improvement project in an  area you are interested in and present the results at the WONCA conference.  

Previous projects have investigated diverse areas, including family medicine exchanges, prescribing,  appointments and comparing healthcare systems. Family medicine doctors from many different  countries have participated and worked together on projects.  

To get involved, you send an application explaining the area you are interested to complete your  project in. This might be ‘elderly care’ or ‘safe prescribing’, it can be anything you are interested in! 

The Bridge Project team will then match you to other family medicine doctors from around the world who are interested in a similar project. We will then send you details of your Bridge Project Group,  and you can start working together. We suggest that you have online meetings about the project, but  there is nothing stopping you meeting in person as a group to work on the project.  

Ideas of what you could do might be comparing health care systems or prescribing processes, a  quality improvement project in your clinics or even a literature review. You might even be able to  publish the work in a journal! 

The main thing is that getting involved with the Bridge Project will help you connect with new  colleagues from all over the world, share learning and experiences.  

Let’s build that bridge!

For any questions email: bridgeproject.


  • Applications open: 19th Feb 2024
  • Deadline: 15h March 2024
  • Group formation: beginning April
  • Group Work: April – August
  • Deadline for submission of work: 7th September 2024