• #eyfdm2023 is history

    Big thanks to the HoC for two inspiring conference days and to all active and energetic participants. You are at the heart and future of general practice.

  • #eyfdm2023 Lottery is on

    Join the big lottery circus, starting today – attractive prices are waiting – your money will 100% benefit the eyfdm fund. Quick links : win.eyfdm.eu or cr4.eu

  • Brussels Mustgotos

  • Family Medicine at the Heart of Healthcare

    A Position Statement on Family Medicine Ana Cristina Franco Spinola Family Medicine is at its core a continuum of care – provided to individuals and their families throughout their life cycles, right in their communities. This wide scope of action, and closeness, is what makes Family Medicine unique compared with other medical specialties.  Family medicine…

  • 3 weeks to go

    The european young family doctors’ community is eagerly awaiting the upcoming gathering in Brussels. Check the scientific , exchange and social programme and get ready…


    (or check out the other roles in the Executive up for election) Role description The Finance Committee has the responsibility to check the financial administration that is done by the Treasurer. They check the receipts, reimbursement forms, financial report of the previous year and proposed budget of the upcoming year for mistakes. Now that we are…

  • EURACT Conference Slovenia

    Meet your teaching GP colleagues in a beautiful environment. (Klick on the image before or after reading it, your choice.)

  • LF WONCA YD Rep 2023-25

    In accordance with the WONCA Bylaws (Articles 12.6.3), this is a formal call by the Nominations and Awards Committee for nominations for the Young Doctors’ Representative for the biennium 2023-2025: Click Here for the official letter from the Nominations and Awards Committee.

  • Slovenia in November, intern. GP Conference

    fairly promising conference coming to Slovenia: 2nd International Scientific Conference of Primary Care, entitled:“INTERPROFESSIONAL TEAMWORK AND QUALITY IN HEALTH CARE”,to be held on 23 – 24 November 2023 at the Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana, Slovenia.