Website additions

I’m currently finishing the migration attempts from the old website. Besides converting all past bursary and award winners I excavated a lot of old hippokrates reports. Feel free to browse them for urgent Exchange stimulation.


Junior Researcher Award 23

Showcase your beautiful research at WONCA Conference Brussels and win the prize money.


Bursaries WONCA Brussels

Deadline March 20 – up to 1000€ for Preconference & Conference in Brussels.


Fons Sips Award 2023

The Fons Sips Award was created in order to ensure that the heritage
and history of the movement was not forgotten and in order to recognise great
work and contribution of its members.
The winner of the biannual Fons Sips OutstandingAchievement Award becomes EYFDM’s nominee for the WONCA World Rising Star Award. It is our privilege and honor to present one of the EYFDM members side by side with other YDM’s candidates to the world audience of family physicians.


Our new logo

Dear Friends,

a big moment for our still young organisation.

The comprehensive process of choosing our future identity was sucessfully completed. The last step, after council selected from strong candidates, was finalising the new logo.

The website is still work in progress and will receive a personalized template and more content needs to be transferred and added in some sections. As this is much simpler now we can assure you there will be more updates than before.


Brussels is approaching

Check out our own preconference overview or head directly to the conference website. The only thing you definitely shouldn’t do is sitting on the fence.