Happy World Family Doctor Day

Dear colleagues, Happy World Family Doctor Day!
This year we celebrate with the theme:

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Watch this great video by Wonca World below and be sure to share it.

If you haven’t yet be sure to check the Planetary Health Repository, full of resources and information to help you make this year theme a reality.

Aligned with this year theme and the 2023 WONCA Europe’s Family Medicine Definition, three members of the executive, with two other family doctors, published an article on Sustainable Healthcare Knowledge and WONCA Europe’s New Family Medicine Definition.

Advocating for urgent global issues is only possible if adequate knowledge is possessed and effectively communicated. Raising awareness on the new definition of Family Medicine by WONCA Europe is therefore pivotal to positively impact our communities, patients, and the environment.

Spínola ACF, Humay Arman I, Bentounsi Z, Cordovil C, Gökdemir Ö. WONCA Europe’s New Family Medicine Definition and Sustainable Healthcare Knowledge. AJFAMED 2024;7(1):44–45

The European Definition Of General Practice / Family Medicine – Wonca Europe 2023 Edition