International Women’s Day 2023

We are the new SIG Women’s Health and we would like you to join us and celebrate Women’s Day.

This year we want to make a special mention to all those women who suffer daily the consequences of their environment.
Those women who pay the consequences of living in disadvantage. It can be war, can be peace.
It can be north or south, east to west.

Those women for whom society has thought silence is the best treat to receive.
Those women who are deprived of power of decision, of voice.
Those who cannot vote.
Those women who are not allowed to speak for themselves.
Those women whose opinion is not taken into consideration.

Despite women being briefly half of the world population, we are still considered a minority.

But we can change that.
We can raise our voices together and fight for equity. That gap that we try to close daily can be smaller tomorrow.

We, as doctors, have the exquisite privilege of sharing our opinion and this can be listened to.

We do celebrate Women’s Day.
And we want to keep celebrating every eighth of March.
For us, for them and for the ones who are to come.


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