Planetary Health Repository

The Planetary Health SIG developed a repository to serve as a central hub for valuable resources and information on planetary health. Designed for individuals, researchers, and organizations interested in understanding and improving planetary health. The repository covers a wide range of topics, provides insights and solutions for addressing environmental challenges in healthcare. By exploring these resources, you can gain a deeper understanding of the connection between human health and the health of the planet. The repository encourages individuals and policymakers to use the information to drive positive change towards a healthier planet for present and future generations.

Our Planetary Health SIG has been collecting heaps of documents, links and literature on this subject of ever growing importance. And formed the Planetary Health Repository.

Oisín Brady-Bates, Planetary Health SIG

The aim of the repository is to organise the existing resources relating to planetary health that are pertinent to general practice (and indeed any other interested parties). We hope that this repository will provide you with the resources to develop and advocate for planetary health in your own practice.

We would like to keep developing this repository based on feedback. To this end we have also developed a survey to record feedback, a link to the survey is here.

We would be very grateful if you would be happy to disseminate both our repository and the survey within your networks so that it can continue to develop and grow. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Planetary Health SIG

Post originally posted July 28th 2023 and expanded November 26 2023.


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